The Half Nelson

Up Eaton Hill, then right onto Bar Rd
Near top of Bar Rd byway turn sharp left onto Baslow Edge path

Question 1: what knight of the realm is mentioned on the viewpoint map?

Right along path at Clodhall Lane, then cross to Curbar Gap car
Onto White Edge, then follow main path along the edge for 3km

Question 2: what 3 letter word comes after ‘Walk’ on one side of the Companion Stone?

Through the wall onto White Edge Moor, then official but potentially boggy route (red) or easy track (blue)
Through here, then over there

Question 3: what year is marked on the Duke’s Seat?

Over there, then down there
Up by Fox House, then over the wall on path towards Burbage

Question 4: how many cairns can you see from here?

Fork right away from cairns over Burbage Moor
Up to the left, then head to the Ox Stones on the horizon. There may be mud.
Down from Ox Stones, through gates then down again through Lady Canning's
Along to the Norfolk Arms, then over the wall down (and down) to the Porter valley
Fork left into the trees by the little bridge
Clough Lane, then left towards Porter Brook
Fork right, at top fork sharp right again
Through the gate and up, left then look across (above right) for the gate into the next field

Question 5: what shape is the step onto Cottage Lane?

Over here, then up there.
Left to the mud / bumps then at the road sharp right up the old bridleway
Right towards Castle Dyke, then right round the pavilion and playing fields
Down Coit Lane, then straight on to Fenney Lane at the farm
Head over the fields and past the goalposts, then find the gap in the wall into the woods at far side
Turn right as you reach the main wide path, then sharp left down to the brook
Left after crossing the brook, then keep right at the bridge

Question 6: what animal is this ‘field’ named after?

Left after the 2nd gate, then down the steps and up again to the Woodland Disco Centre



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